NG is an originally Mexican based company founded in 1995 with actual activities and sales in America and Europe and offices in Mexico, Spain, Philippines and Austria.

Today, NG counts with commercial partners located in high technology clusters in USA, France, Germany, Taiwán, Austria, China, Italy, UK and India, whom have allowed us to solve the needs of technology of our clients in México and other countries.

Founded in 1995, NG counts with the experience and work team to operate with clearliness and work ethics.


Provide goods and services in the metal mechanical industries satisfying our customers´ needs with high quality products being delivered correctly and on time.


To be on the “Top of mind” of all our customers


To give our customers products and services that will exceed their expectations resulting in improvement on productivity though in economical growth.


Truth, trust, ethics, honesty, loyalty, compromise. Personal and team development with internal partnership.  

NG, our strength is in our products.
NG, our strength is in the quality of our service.
NG, our strength is in our people.

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